Insurance Coverage for Professional Athletes

If you’re a professional athlete, an agent or a professional team administrator who is responsible for protecting your interests — whether for your player or your franchise — you should be speaking to Schaefer Enterprises (SEI) about our insurance products for professional athletes and teams.

Our Sports Group can customize affordable disability policies to meet the needs of athletes in professional sports. SEI understands the complexity of insurance policies for professional athletes and our athletes benefit from both beneficial policy language and savings on their overall insurance coverage. We have worked with NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA athletes, as well as professional golfers, Olympians, and tennis players. Contact us to learn more about contract protection, injury protection, draft protection, and loss of value protection.

Protect Your Professional Athletic Career with Disability Insurance from Schaefer Enterprises.

Our Disability Insurance products include:

Permanent Total Disability

Permanent Total Disability protection responds in the event an injury prevents the pro athlete from ever returning to his or her sport. Also known as “career ending” insurance, Permanent Total Disability coverage pays a stated lump sum benefit once the elimination period has been satisfied. Coverage is often purchased by the athlete for his or her own benefit.

Temporary Total Disability

Temporary Total Disability coverage protects pro athletes whose injuries will keep them sidelined during the season. Temporary Total Disability allows teams to pay athletes even when they can’t play. Golfers and tennis players whose income is dependent on winning need Temporary Total Disability because injuries and illness not only eliminate them from playing, but it also eliminates their income.

Loss of Value

Loss of Value coverage provides financial protection against the loss of value in the athlete’s contract if he or she suffers an injury before signing a professional contract. Loss of Value policies are designed to protect a player’s current market value while they play out their final season under their current contract as they head towards free agency, or college athletes entering into a draft.

One Insurance Broker for All of Your Insurance Needs

Let SEI show you how to protect your home, your vehicles and your valuables with personal insurance products designed for high net worth professional athletes.

As you build your professional career, wealth, and assets you need protection for your home and vehicles as well as your valuables. Schaefer Enterprises offers a full menu of personal insurance products that are ideal for professional athletes with coverage from providers such as Chubb and PURE insurance.

Luxury Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance is essential coverage for every professional athlete who owns a home. It covers your home, including its contents, and other buildings on your property, as well as additional living expenses if you have to move out during certain repairs. Liability protects you and your household, protecting you if someone is accidently injured or their property is damaged.

Renter’s Insurance

Athletes can move around often during their careers. Renter’s insurance covers furniture, clothing, personal belongings, appliances, some improvements you’ve made to the rental unit, and your items while you are traveling, as well as additional living expenses if you have to move out during repairs. Personal liability coverage also protects you and your family members, and guests, in the event of damage.

Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance covers automobiles which are owned, hired or non-owned by you. Liability Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BI/PD) liability covers your legal liability, up to the limits you select, for damages caused in a covered vehicle accident.

Life Insurance for Athletes

Leave a lasting legacy for your family with life insurance. Schaefer Enterprises can help you choose the best policies that complement your entire financial plan including term, whole life, annuities and disability insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance protects against liabilities and losses after primary insurance benefits have been exhausted.

Protect your athletic achievements and your family. Contact Schaefer Enterprises to learn more about professional athlete insurance.