Schaefer Offers Affordable Insurance for Retailers to Address Your Complex Needs

Business Income

You need to maintain your income when damage or other disasters put your store(s) out of commission. Business Income insurance helps cover lost revenue and expenses while your store and its contents are being replaced or rebuilt.

Product Recall Costs

Product recalls can happen at any time. When you operate a retail store or chain of stores selling products from multiple sources the chances of products being recalled for safety or illness reasons grows exponentially. Schaefer can help you weather the upheaval to your business with insurance products that will help cover the added expenses related to product recalls, such as customer notification, warehousing, shipping and added personnel.

Umbrella Insurance

The fact is, your general liability policy may not cover as much as you think. At an affordable cost from Schaefer, umbrella insurance can help provide an additional layer of insurance protection when and where your other policies may fall short. Ask us about umbrella coverage to protect your business and financial assets beyond those covered by your other insurance policies.

Brands and Labels

Protect your brand when disaster strikes with coverage that pays for the cost of removing branded labels from garments, accessories and more prior to selling as salvage.

Cyber Liability

Retailers are a frequent target of hackers who want access to all of the personal financial data of customers stored in retail systems. Cyber Liability Insurance covers against theft, destruction, or unauthorized use of electronic data through computer viruses or network intrusions. Some policies expand to violations and penalties incurred.

Medical Payments

When a customer is injured on your premises medical expenses are covered whether or not you are legally liable for the injury.

Equipment Breakdown

Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown expenses are not covered under General Liability or Property Insurance, although most people assume that they are. This coverage protects businesses against the cost of repairing or replacing a broad range of equipment, technology and machinery essential to business operations. Examples include: power surges, short circuits, mechanical breakdown, boiler overheating or cracking, loss of income and extra expenses to maintain normal operations.

Workers’ Compensation

Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by New York State. It protects against lawsuits stemming from workplace accidents. It provides medical care to injured employees as well as compensation for lost income.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects against financial costs of lawsuits brought by employees or former employees, i.e.: discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and breach of employment contract.

Employee Benefits

The key to survival in business is lowering your operating costs while maintaining the quality of your products and services. Schaefer can help you find a cost-efficient way to provide your employees with the benefits they need. Learn more here >

Insurance for Retailers for Every Aspect of Your Retail Operation

Schaefer has earned an outstanding reputation for helping retailers manage and cover their risk exposure from the floor of the store to the stock room, warehouse and beyond. We can help you rest easy by explaining every detail of your coverage and the costs associated with designing an affordable plan tailored to your business.

From general liability insurance to property insurance, product liability, Workers’ Compensation, disability, employment practices liability insurance, flood insurance, cyber liability, travel insurance and insurance to protect your store infrastructure such as HVAC, technology, boilers and other equipment, Schaefer can offer the full measure of protection you need to manage the risks of running your retail business with comprehensive insurance products that consume less of your budget.

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