SEI’s team of licensed insurance professionals has worked both sides of merger and acquisition transactions as impartial consultants to the buyer and/or the seller. As trusted insurance brokers, we provide our clients and private equity firms with the information and insurance products that management needs to ensure a safe transition during the M&A process.

M&A Insurance Due Diligence Services

SEI analyses insurance policies for coverage deficiencies, inadequate limits, and applicable deductibles, while conducting a financial and market analysis of insurance carriers. We can assess the acquisition target’s procedures and processes to ensure an all-encompassing risk management policy while carefully evaluating 5-year loss histories, reserves and pending “Reservation of Rights” letters for open claims. Prior to closing, SEI can help you locate resources (staff, brokers, advisors, etc.) that may be needed post-closing to effectively control risk and minimize the potential for loss.

Reps and Warranties Insurance

Representations and Warranties Insurance protects buyers and/or sellers from financial loss should misrepresentations or inaccuracies occur. Buyers can distinguish bids, sellers can reduce indemnity obligations, and both can close more efficiently.

Directors and Officers Insurance

A closed M&A deal doesn’t necessarily spare directors and officers from being sued for decisions they made prior to closing. To mitigate risk for directors and officers, and to do so way in advance of any M&A activities, SEI can provide your company with a detailed D&O policy to cover defense costs and damages for directors and officers who may be found liable in the event of a claim.

Whether you’re the acquiring company or the seller, SEI is your trusted partner and is highly experienced in providing placement of coverage for companies on both sides of merger and acquisition transactions.

Mergers & Acquisition Insurance Expertise!

Protect your interests and make sure your company and its key people are covered with M&A insurance products that are competitively priced and customized for your situation. Contact Schaefer Enterprises to learn more about M&A insurance planning and products today!