SEI New York changed all that with our specialized knowledge on the unique coverage needs for supermarkets and retail food stores. From liability policies that cover slips, trips and falls that occur both inside and outside of your store, to protection from food poisoning events and product recalls, as well as property damage, spoilage, business interruptions and more, Schaefer knows what really matters and how to protect your interests. We offer unique insurance for supermarkets flexible enough to suit the needs of supermarkets and food stores from chains to single-location neighborhood markets.

Limit your exposure with a specially designed policy just for your business. SEI New York’s insurance for supermarkets coverage options are exactly what you have been looking for:

Spoilage Coverage

When your store’s power fails or refrigerated equipment breaks down, your perishable inventory can go bad due to a sudden, prolonged change in temperature. Spoilage coverage is not included in your business’s personal property/contents limit, however, it can be extended to cover damages caused by contamination.

General Liability

Supermarkets and food stores are busy places where customer and employee traffic are high and the risk of slips and fall lawsuits are significant. General Liability insurance protects against accidents and injuries inside and outside of your store—from the grocery aisles inside to the parking lot outside, and on the road wherever your delivery vehicles travel. General liability insurance also protects against product liabilities.

Cyber Liability

Computer hackers are getting bolder and better at what they do every day. The cyber liability insurance available from SEI New York protects you and your supermarket business on many fronts. Whether your network has been accessed by unauthorized parties for purposes related to theft, destruction, misuse of electronic data or fraud—or by invasions caused by computer worms, viruses or other network intrusions that compromise your systems—you’ll be covered. Cyber liability insurance also covers you should a business fail to safeguard another party’s credit card information or other electronic data.

Improvements and Betterments

If you are planning to move your supermarket to a different location, chances are you’ll be leaving behind all of the fixtures, alterations, installations, or additions you made that have become part of the building. These are items that you cannot legally remove even if you acquired them and made or installed them at your own expense. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to know your exposure. Schaefer can help you understand your lease agreement and recover any eligible expenses that should belong to you if available.

Product Liability

Food products have a high potential for causing illness or even injury. Product Liability coverage protects against the cost of judgments, settlements and legal fees arising from damages or alleged damages caused by products made or purchased in your store. Product Recall

Product Recall

Product recalls are expensive. Should a product be recalled, you’ll need coverage to reimburse you for the loss of income, the expense of accepting returns as well as the disposal of the recalled product.

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