Is your business classified properly? What financial rating does your insurance company have? Will your losses affect your renewal? We’re insurance professionals and we are here to help. Together, we can bring certainty to these issues and much, much more. It’s very likely that we can save you money in the process.

General Liability Insurance protects against accidents and injuries on company and customer property. It also protects against product liabilities.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance covers against property damaged or destroyed by an insured peril (e.g. fire, lightening, etc).

Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance protects a company against the cost of judgments, settlements and legal fees arising from damages/alleged damages caused by a defective product.

Workers’ Compensation

Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by New York State. It protects against lawsuits stemming from workplace accidents. It provides medical care to injured employees as well as compensation for lost income.


Disability Insurance is required by New York State along with Workers’ Compensation. It reimburses workers who are not covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits with a percentage of their lost wages.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects against financial costs of lawsuits brought by employees or former employees, i.e.: discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and breach of employment contract.

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance covers against a loss resulting from a flood or overflow of water not covered under Property Insurance.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance covers against theft, destruction, or unauthorized use of electronic data through computer viruses or network intrusions. Some policies expand to violations and penalties incurred.

Travel Insurance

Commercial Travel Insurance affords coverage for executives and employees against pitfalls associated with travel, also referred to as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost luggage and default protection.

Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown

Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown expenses are not covered under General Liability or Property Insurance, although most people assume that they are. This coverage protects businesses against the cost of repairing or replacing a broad range of equipment, technology and machinery essential to business operations. Examples include: power surges, short circuits, mechanical breakdown, boiler overheating or cracking, loss of income and extra expenses to maintain normal operations.